Technique, Consistency, then Intensity…

Community, Accountability, Positivity, & Loyalty…

& It Works for Anyone who WANTS to be a part! (don’t believe us? Come on in and see for yourself!)

CrossFit is more than just an exercise program that benefits everyone. We are a community of people committed to living a healthy lifestyle with the tried and true scientific basis for ongoing physical and mental results.

We combining training techniques from various sports that your body was built to do. Our multi-faceted fitness program provides universal scaling, done by being able to change the intensity and skill level of each workout to suit each individual member’s goals, needs, and current ability level.

CrossFit Mendota is ideal for people of all ages and experience levels.

CrossFit training is designed to improve fitness in 10 areas:

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  • 1. Cardio/Respiratory Endurance
  • 2. Stamina
  • 3. Strength
  • 4. Flexibility
  • 5. Power
  • 6. Speed
  • 7. Coordination
  • 8. Agility
  • 9. Balance
  • 10. Accuracy

Every workout at CrossFit Mendota starts with…

…a general and specific warm up, skill segments, and the WOD (workout of the day). The CrossFit program incorporates dynamic, full body motions and specific body weight exercises including gymnastic movements, jumping, climbing, Olympic Weightlifting, Russian kettlebell training, running, rowing. Our constantly changing workouts and movements, done at different intensities with short rest periods, achieves optimal results in minimal time, and reduces boredom and stagnation. Because each CrossFit Mendota workout will be constantly changing and consistently challenging, there is little room for your body to plateau, your results to stagnate, and for your routine to bore you. Our exciting group environment will keep you accountable and motivated all year long. Results are constantly and consistently measured by our Expert and Certified Coaches. You will always know how much you are improving.

The CrossFit Mendota training program:

it’s hard;

it’s simple;

it works.

To try out a class or get started:

or come on by the box and say hi.

Call us at 651.237.5989. We’d love to hear from you!
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