Our Team

Travis Hanson


Coaching Credentials:
CF-L2 Trainer
CF-Gymnastics Trainer
CF-Kettlebell Trainer
CF-Weightlifting Trainer
CF-Mobility Trainer
CF-Football Trainer
USA Weightlifting L1

My Favorite Workout: Nate and Amanda (the workouts)

My CrossFit Story: I discovered CrossFit in 2011 while living in New York City. There were no mirrors, no machines and it was in an industrial space with the garage doors wide open, music blaring. There were athletes in incredible shape running right along side complete beginners – Everyone was drenched in sweat and cheering each other on and having a blast working out.

I dove in and have been hooked ever since. The intensity, the functionality, it’s competitive nature and the results that came far exceeded anything that I had tried before – not to mention the community of athletes quickly became a second family.

I soon transitioned this passion for CrossFit into coaching. Nothing gets me more fired up than to see my clients achieve their goals. “Your goals are my goals.”

After 8 years in NYC, my family and I moved back to the midwest where I found my new CrossFit home at CrossFit Mendota as Head Trainer. A couple years later my dream of owning a box has become reality.

I am blessed to have found my passion and home with the CrossFit Mendota community. These athletes make this box what it is – they are truly an inspiration to me as an athlete, coach and gym owner.

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