Our Team

Nathan Spears


Coaching Creentials: CF-L1 Trainer

My Favorite Movement:  Clean and Jerk.  I love trying to through around heavy weight.

My Crossfit Story: My son introduced me to CrossFit when he was in the Marines.  At first I thought he was trying to kill me, but then realized he just wanted me around for a long time.  It was at a point in my life when my wife and I had started to make changes in our lifestyle to promote healthier living. The addition of CrossFit into our routine gave us more energy, and in a way gave us back the life we had hoped for as we were becoming empty nesters.  The ability to continue to move has both given me freedom and a sense of fulfillment.  It has also given me a purpose for coaching.  I want to help others achieve the same sense of satisfaction and joy that I have.  It is my goal to help people get everything I have out of CrossFit and remain healthy while doing so. can be life changing and a truly a gift. I want to help bring that to people willing to commit to it.

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