Kickstart Challenge


You’ve taken the first step in your fitness journey and are ready to create positive CHANGE in your life.  YOU can do it and WE can help with a comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition plan.  Designed for anyone who wants to be MORE FIT and willing to support that goal through healthier food choices.  Just show up and we will give you everything you need to succeed in both the kitchen and the gym.

Action is the only thing capable of turning your wants into your future.  Stop Wishing and Start DOING!

WHY:  Because it WORKS!  We understand ALL the reasons people struggle to start/maintain a workout routine.  We know why a healthy diet is so hard to follow.  We have been there, we have learned, and we have created a program that eliminates all the hurdles so YOU can be successful!

Easy?  No.  Worth It?  Absolutely!

WHO:  This program is designed for those of you who are trying to 1) establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle, or 2) looking to get MORE out of your current routine.  All experience levels are welcome as long as you have a desire to WORK HARD and break through to YOUR next level of performance.  For some, that means off the couch and into the gym.  For others it means radical increases in the type, speed, and intensity of your workouts to drive bigger gains and faster results.  For everyone, it means we’re on the same mission, with the same goals.

Spend time with those who reflect the person you want to be.

WHAT:  All the tools you need to START or IMPROVE your fitness routine and get immediate & noticeable results.  Create new habits with professional guidance and the support of a like minded community.  Come build a rock solid foundation of wellness that will support a lifetime of success!

Fitness Nutrition Other
3 Gym Workouts / Week Customized Targets Goal Setting
1 At Home Workout / Week Nutrition Program (Macro Based) Baseline Fitness Test
Professional Coaching 1-1 Nutritional Consultations Baseline Body Stats
Professional Programming Meal Planning

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

WHEN:  The next Kickstart Challenge is coming!  Check back here – or contact us – to learn about future dates.

Space is limited so ACT NOW to guarantee your spot! 

One Year From Right Now, What Will You Wish You Had Done Today?

Kickstart Results Now!

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