MeNdota Fitness Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Gym Policies and Procedures during COVID-19 to keep you safe during your workouts.

While we are all eager to get back to our regular routines – things have changed – we will need to all adjust what our new “normal” looks like. With updating guidelines from the state, we are doing our best to ensure we can open our doors and offer you the best experience possible while prioritizing the health and safety of our members, staff and all our loved ones.

Here’s what you need to know about the safety measures we are taking at CFM…

** Masks and Face coverings are required inside the building when not actively working out.  Please ensure you are wearing your face covering or mask when entering and exiting the building, during the workout description and while moving around the gym – during class or otherwise.  Coaches will be wearing masks as well for your protection.

Class Sign-Ups:

  • Upon reopening, we will be capping classes at 12 members per class. (In order to register for any classes; you must have an active account.)
  • We ask drop ins and perspective new members to call ahead and a staff member will reserve their spot.
  • Members must sign up for classes in advance using Zen Planner. Do not just show up. We must have accurate records of attendance for contact tracing. 
  • We ask that if you need to cancel your class reservation, please do so at least 12 hours prior to the class.
  • Do not come to gym if you or anyone in your household is sick or symptomatic or if you have had or suspect you’ve had exposure to Covid-19.
  • We are a family business and love your kids and fur babies (I have 3 little ones of my own), but we ask you don’t bring the kids or dogs to the gym for the time being, so we can keep them safe and adhere toward our caps. 

Class Schedule:

UPDATE! General Gym COVID-19 Policies

All athletes must sign a Covid release as per our CrossFit insurance

Masks must be worn on entrance/exit and up until warmup of class, pt session or extra work

Masks should be worn during travel around the  gym even during class and personal  workouts

Social distance of six feet during conversations

Building cap is 20 people including staff and anyone outside of class

Class attendees will be let in by coach 5 mins before class and after all prior athletes exit

Class attendees will exit 10 mins after class

Athletes are not to share any equipment

Athletes will be directed by coaches to set themselves up for workouts with maximal distance between them. (Ideally more than 10ft)

Programming will reflect minimum dose of equipment use to still maintain effective dose of CrossFit philosophy per day

Traveling movements will be eliminated for now

Personal extra work and personal training session will use the back area or executed outside of class hours

No personal training sessions or personal workouts are allowed during the noon class

Any travel outside the state of Minnesota requires a 3 day quarantine from end of trip before return to gym and must be reported

Personal training and personal workouts must report attendance time and date at front desk clip board for tracking purposes

If a positive test or exposure is found it must be reported to Travis immediately

Return to gym is dependent upon a negative test and quarantine

Staff will wear masks at all times

In-Class Cleaning Procedures:

  • Each athlete is provided a clean towel and spray bottle containing disinfectant. Wipe all areas and equipment thoroughly throughout the session and after use. Wipe in one direction. Coaches will provide more guidance.
  • After class, use the disinfectant solution provided to spray all used equipment one last time and do not wipe. This allows the disinfectant to sit and kill any germs on the surface.
  • Finally, mop up any chalk or sweat that you may have left on the floor.
  • Additionally, we’ve updated the class schedule to allow 15 minutes between each class in which staff members will also clean the workout space and equipment (with a commercial sprayer that sits for at least 10 min) to prepare for the safety of the next class.

Additional Cleaning Procedures:

  • Increased gym cleaning operations/routines to deep cleaning 3 times per week. This involves deep cleaning of floor using a commercial scrubber, deep cleaning restrooms, wiping all door handles and other commonly touched areas.
  • Workout programming that minimizes any sharing of equipment – no partner WODs – for the near future. 
  • And again, wash your hands, people! There will be hand sanitizer readily available as well.

With these measures in place, we believe we can keep our community as safe as possible while continuing to strive to improve our physical well-being (along with the mental and emotional health benefits as well). 

Getting started is easy.  Drop us a line!

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