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james 'Norm' Norman


Coaching Credentials: CF-L1 Trainer

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Clean & Jerk

My CrossFit Story: 

I have spent most of my life overweight and out of shape, topping out at around 285 pounds.  I would find small bursts of joy saying “yes” to any opportunity to eat, and I would continue until completely saturated.  I wanted change but struggled to sustain the motivation needed to get results.  I tried numerous different programs and quit for an endless number of reasons.  Then I found Crossfit and everything changed.    

I walked into the gym for my first time, unable to do a single pull-up or string together 10 push-ups.  The atmosphere was electric; music thumping, people hanging from the rafters, weights being tossed around like rag dolls, and puddles of sweat on the ground.  People were screaming at each other to keep going, push harder, never quit.  Clearly I was in over my head when coach looks at me and says “You are going to do all of this”.

He was so confident Crossfit would work for me, I accepted the challenge.  From day one, all my excuses were gone.  I was getting professional full body programming that put my previous workout plans to shame.  The gym was exciting and engaging as I learned and accomplished new movements every day.  My whole body hurt as I was introduced to more complete and dynamic training methods.  The people next to me were inspiring and supportive.  Coaches challenged me and explained the proper way to do things. For the first time in my life, I was making real, noticeable gains.  I was doing things inside and outside of the gym that I had previously thought were impossible.  In just one hour a day, I was getting stronger, leaner, and faster than I had ever been.  Crossfit very quickly became the best 60 minutes of my day and now, it doesn’t even feel like exercise; I am simply practicing and playing my sport with my friends.    

I look back now and realize I was a prisoner to instant gratification for far too long.  Crossift has helped me take control of my fitness and achieve my goals, and the lessons I learned along the way have translated into a more genuine, fuller and happier life.  As a trainer now, I truly look forward to being a big part of your story and your success!! 

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