Our Team

Austin Dickson

Head Trainer
Coaching Credentials: CF-L1 Trainer Favorite CrossFit Movement: Dumbbell Snatch My CrossFit Story: I played rugby after college for a Men’s D1 team, however after too many head injuries/concussions I had to make the tough decision to stop. I had been competing my whole life, so this made me feel lost, and I knew I needed to find something else. That’s when my fiance convinced me to try CrossFit. She had been doing it for a while and was obsessed with it, and she began participating in competitions. I was against the idea at first because it was a different concept than what I was taught and what I coach, but after trying CrossFit Mendota, I was instantly hooked. CrossFit fuels my competitive side that I was missing, and it makes me want to become a better version of myself every day; that’s why I decided I wanted to get my L1 certification. I believe CrossFit can help people of all levels become better in all aspects of life.
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