What Is Your Body Composition & Food Intake?

At the beginning of the Challenge we will be testing your body fat percentage. This, along with your goal, basic body measurements and activity level, will determine how much you can eat each day.

During the Challenge, you will track what you eat and at the end of the day you will find that you either ate the right amount, ate too little or you ate too much.

Each of you will have a set amount of macronutrients and total calories you can eat each day.

What are Macronutrients?

Macros are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

How to Determine Your Intake Levels

Now that you’ve chosen your nutrition options and you’ve done your In-Body test it is time to determine your intake levels:

  1. First, go to https://www.katyhearnfit.com/macro-calculator.html. Ignore her “flashy pictures”. The calculator is worth it.
  2. Enter in your height, weight and age. Mark imperial.
  3. Use the lean body mass formula. Enter your activity level. Be honest about your activity level. Most of us will be somewhere in the middle. If you overestimate your activity level your numbers will be too high and you will eat too much. Enter your BF%.
  4. Hit Calculate TDEE and record BMR and TDEE here:   BMR______   TDEE ______
  5. Next, choose your goals. Weight Loss, Wellness (Maintenance), for Performance choose either Maintenance or Weight Gain. Record total calories/day here: _________
  6. The “Customize Your Nutrition Plan” question will autofill based on your previous responses. Leave whatever is filled in for this.
  7. Click “Calculate Results” and select how many meals per day you will eat.
  8. Record your grams/day here (this is what you can consume each day):

Protein______  Carb______ Fat______

9.   Record your grams/meal here (this will help you plan your meals):

Protein/meal______  Carb/meal______ Fat/meal______

How to Use Your Numbers:

At the Nutrition Challenge Kick-off, we will be providing templates for Paleo and Clean levels for meal planning. We’ll also have a digital packet full of grocery lists and meal plans.

You will also notice that for many of the groceries there is a breakdown of carbs, protein, and fats per Gram. For those – the groceries that do not have a breakdown listed – you will need to check the labels on the packages.

You will use grams/meal numbers (Step 9 from above) to help you plan your meals accordingly. There are sample templates (also attached) and sample meal plans that you can use for this.

How will we track our intake?

During the Challenge, you will track what you eat and at the end of the day you will find that you either ate the right amount, ate too little or you ate too much.


We will be using the MyFitnessPal App, to track everything you consume. This is a practice that can be carried on post-Challenge – if you so choose. The MyFitnessPal app is awesome for tracking your daily consumption. There are many features of the app that you are not required to use but you may want to explore on your own. For the purposes of this Challenge all you need to do is use it to track your daily food consumption. Anything you put in your body, you will enter into MyFitnessPal. It can be done on your phone on the app or on a computer.

1.Go to http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and sign in or create an account.

2. Enter your vitals – height, weight, gender, and age. If you are starting a new account you will be prompted to enter this. Then it will give you recommended totals for your macronutrients and total cals. These won’t be as accurate to what we went through above, ignore these.

3. Go to the link in the top right that says “Goals”. Change your Total Calories to what you found above with Katy Hearn’s Macro Calculator.(Step 5 above)

4. Next change the percentages of protein, carbs, and fats to be as close as possible to the numbers you found above. Don’t worry too much if it is not exact. (Step 8 above)

5. Now you are ready to start tracking your food!

6. You may want to download the app to your phone. An additional option available is to upgrade your app for $9.99 a month to unlock some awesome features, such as  a label scanner which makes recording very easy. (This can be canceled at any time)

If tracking isn’t your thing, by the time you are done with this challenge you will be an expert at “eyeballing” your food. Essentially, we want you to track during this Challenge to learn about quantities and how to apply them to your everyday nutrition moving forward.

Stay tuned for more posts about how we’re setting everyone in the gym up for success with our upcoming Nutrition Challenge! 

  • The CFM Nutrition Challenge starts Sunday, January 8th at 8 AM – 11 AM
    • Cost – $60
    • Length – 6 weeks
    • Baseline workout before and after the challenge
    • Paleo Pot-luck and Q&A on February 4th
    • InBody testing before and after the challenge
    • Grocery lists, meal plans, community, and results

Click HERE to register.

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