1. The focus on real food. No processed stuff.
  2. It works. You’ll gain energy, lose unwanted fat, and gain muscle.
  3. The self-discipline and organization you gain during the challenge will overflow to other areas of your life and set the tone for the rest of the year.
  4. You’re busy. You need your immune system to be as strong as possible – otherwise life is going to be rough. That starts with fueling with the right stuff in the right amounts.
  5. After a rough 2016, it’s time to reclaim your life. It starts with your health and nutrition.
  6. When the time does comes to indulge – you want to enjoy those times, guilt free.
  7. Your hormones are going off the rails – the energy of your day is a roller coaster – and everyone in your life is in for the moodiness ride, whether they like it or not. You want that to change.
  8. You want to stop mindlessly eating and actually savor your food.
  9. You’re tired of giving your all in workouts, and not seeing the results.
  10. You’ve developed a belly as of late…
  11. Dairy has always disagreed with you. You need the extra push to get it out of your nutrition.
  12. You want to embrace the challenge and make yourself proud.
  13. You’re addicted to sugar!
  14. You know that taking control of your food intake will be empowering.
  15. You’ve tried losing weight by eating less – it didn’t work.
  16. You want to optimize your performance in the gym and see your scores go through the roof.
  17. You want to sleep longer and more soundly.
  18. You want to wake up feeling alert and optimistic.
  19. You want to find some new favorite (and healthy) foods.
  20. You need to drink more water and eat more vegetables!

Stay tuned for more posts about how we’re setting everyone in the gym up for success with our upcoming Nutrition Challenge! 

  • The CFM Nutrition Challenge starts Sunday, January 8th at 8 AM – 11 AM
    • Cost – $60
    • Length – 6 weeks
    • Baseline workout before and after the challenge
    • Paleo Pot-luck and Q&A on February 4th
    • InBody testing before and after the challenge
    • Grocery lists, meal plans, community, and results

Click HERE to register.

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