There have been some events in the past few months that have given me a new appreciation for CrossFit. Everyone is already aware of the benefits – getting in shape, community, new friends – all great attributes, however it also allows us to be good at being ACTIVE.

The first event occurred this past winter when I went snowmobiling with my cousins up north. On a particularly tight turn, one ski got caught in a rut and my 13 year old cousin and I went tumbling as the sled flipped (she was ok, my pride was only slightly bruised). Out in the middle of the woods, our only option was to flip the sled over and try to start it up, hoping that it wasn’t flooded. So I got in my best tire flipping/deadlift stance and flipped the sucker right over – no problem. I’m confident I wouldn’t have been able to do that in my chubby/ skinny emo high school days (depending on the year).

The second instance occurred on a ski trip last February. Some friends and I drove out to Colorado to ski Keystone for a few days. After the first day, half of the crew could barely walk. I’m not sure if this was because of the 8 hours of skiing or because they did ‘leg day’ two days prior to ‘get their legs in shape.’ Right. Either way, they were not so spry the next two days of skiing. Was I tired? Of course. That much skiing is taxing, however I always felt just as fresh after a good night’s sleep. While a couple of the guys were walking funny for a few days after the trip, I felt just fine. We won’t talk about how out of breathe I was after climbing 3 flights of steps, though. I blame the elevation.

The last instance came just a few weeks ago after playing tennis with a friend (who will not be named). We played two sets, which took us about two hours. A couple days later, I get a text saying they could barely walk, and ‘OMG my forearms hurt so badly.’ That day I remember going to the morning class, playing tennis, then going back to do some extra work, and I felt fine!

Am I ever sore after a tough week of CrossFit? Absolutely, but I know it’s good for me in the long run. Not only are we getting better in the gym every day, but we’re prepping our bodies to be ready for whatever odd activity our friends, significant others, children, etc. throw at us. Long story short, I know we all love to go to CrossFit every day to sweat, suffer, and get demolished by Travis’ tough programming (seriously what is wrong with us), but get out there and use your fitness. Most of us aren’t going to the CrossFit Games anytime soon, so you might as well put your hard work to good use AMIRITE? Brag about it!

Be proud that you’ve conditioned yourself to be ready for anything!

– Coach Marco

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