Can you give us a little background on your life?

I was born in Superior, Wisconsin and was active in sports and other physical activities throughout most of my childhood. I practiced ballet from the age of 2-years-old until the age of 15-years-old. My involvement in physical activities dramatically decreased when I became a single-parent at 18-years-old. I moved away from my family, alone with my son, to start college. I remember struggling with all of the responsibilities that I faced being a single-parent while managing my own finances and completing schoolwork. It was overwhelming at times.

Fast forward 11 years and I was completing my doctorate in clinical psychology. At this point I had completed my bachelor of science degree and masters degree in clinical psychology, married the man I had been dating for 2 years, and I was planning for the future.

I told myself time and time again that I would find some time for myself and that I would find time to attend to my physical fitness “one of these days when things weren’t so busy.”

As you might imagine, things continued to be busy and I only continued putting my physical fitness on the back burner for that “magical,” non-existent, less busy day. It wasn’t until 2 years after I had my daughter, 1 year after I had been in a bad car accident that required 8 months of physical therapy, and a few months after my husband and I were separated that I realized… something has to change.

I had gained 90 pounds while pregnant with my daughter and managed to lose 70 pounds over 2 years through adjusting my diet alone.

I realized I needed something else.

I needed something more.

That’s when I found CrossFit.

How did you first hear about Crossfit?

I first heard about Crossfit through out-of-state friends that were involved in a Crossfit program in their area. They shared information with me about nutrition that I had never thought much about and they seemed to be happy and loving life. When I saw an advertisement on FaceBook for Crossfit Mendota’s Bootcamp, that just so happened to be located directly between my home and my private practice, I thought, “This is it! This is going to be something that I do, just for me… and I literally pass the location every day driving to and from work so I would have a hard time talking myself out of going.”

When did you start with CF Mendota, and what got you in here for your first class?

My first day of CrossFit Bootcamp was February 20th, 2016 at CrossFit Mendota. I had a friend that I work with sign up for the bootcamp with me to hold me accountable.

I was stressed out, had 20 pounds I wanted to lose, and was in desperate need of a healthy outlet.

I hadn’t been sleeping very well and didn’t have a lot of energy or mobility.

Before I signed up, I remember thinking CrossFit seemed really intense and really interesting. I began talking to my friend about the advertisement I saw while we were working together one night. I was at work the next day and none of my clients could make it to the office due to a snowstorm. I had some lingering questions on my mind so I called CF Mendota. I talked to Pat Costello on the phone that day and he assured me that the bootcamp coaches would work with us, wherever we were at to start out with. Whatever he said must have been inspiring because after that call my friend and I were signed up for the very next bootcamp.

What kind of results have you seen since starting at CFM?

I have seen so many results in almost every aspect of my life. It has been unbelievable!

Where do I begin… day 1 of my first bootcamp was very intense. I could barely even bend into a semi-squat like position, I was a good 2-minutes behind every other person when we ran our very first warm-up run, I couldn’t do a push-up unless I was practically still vertical, and burpees… I looked like a flopping fish out of water and managed to skin, bruise, and scrape up both of my knees just attempting to do one. I couldn’t finish the baseline workout in the allotted time and I could barely walk to my truck after trying it. I also looked at the Paleo diet list that very first day and noticed that most of my diet was dairy and potatoes with a few veggies and some meat on the side, which doesn’t fly with Paleo. I might have never returned if it weren’t for the friend who enrolled with me that promised to hold me accountable, the supportive coaches, and my fellow, encouraging bootcampers- two of which literally helped me off of the floor after the first workout so that I could walk out to my car that first day.

I completed my second bootcamp today, May 21st, 2016.

I’m proud to say that:

  • I can finally do a true to form squat and my 1 minute squat max went from 20 to 41.
  • I have improved in running with time and effort put into to doing it, even when I really didn’t want to (and even running in the rain when our coach gave us the option to row instead).
  • I did my very first floor push-up
  • I improved my 1 minute push-up max from 18 to 25.
  • I can also do a true to form burpee (and I’m not sure how my knees ever used to hit the ground before, but they don’t anymore… Yay!).
  • I improved my plank hold from a 30 second max at the start of my first bootcamp to a 2 minute and 7 second max during the last week of my second bootcamp.
  • I went from being unable to finish the baseline workout in the 10 minutes allotted time to finishing it today in 6 minutes and 32 seconds.
  • I also lost 23 pounds, 4 inches around my waist, and went from a tight fitting size 12 pant to a loose fitting size 6 pant.
  • I sleep at night. I have energy during the day.
  • I find it easier to focus and concentrate.
  • I feel much less irritable and I’ve just been so much happier in general.

This has really been such a blessing in my life.

I feel like a refreshed and revitalized version of my former self.

Top 3 Favorite Foods. 3-2-1 Go.

  1. Chicken cooked in avocado oil with piles of steamed veggies (this is one of my everyday staples).
  2. Spinach with sliced almonds, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, and salmon (without dressing, just freshly squeezed lemon and ground pepper on top.. Mmm!).
  3. Eggs, eggs… and more eggs! Scrambled, in an omelet, hard boiled.. If it’s an egg, I will eat it!

If you were a superhero what power would you want and why?

I am a Licensed Psychologist so I would be Super Psychologist with the magical ability to instill willingness into all of my clients and the power to download all of my thoughts into the various forms of documentation required so that I could spend more time doing the face-to-face work that I love, with less time spent documenting everything in 10 different ways to appease insurance companies. Why? Because I love what I do, I just wish I didn’t have to spend hours of my life documenting it. This would also give me more time to work on co-authoring a children’s workbook to help teach Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills to kids ages 7- to 12-years-old.

If you could go back in time for a day, what would you do?

Oh boy, this is quite the question! I would definitely go back in time and start CrossFit much earlier!


Heads up!

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